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Phone 907.738.5000
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Treasure Hunter Lodge offers Fully Guided, Lodge Based and Boat Based

Hunting Trips for Giant Coastal Black Bears from Klawock, AK on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.


Treasure Hunter Lodge specializes in conducting fully guided, lodge or boat-based Trophy Coastal/Island Black Bear Hunts out of Klawock in Southeast Alaska. Klawock is only 6 miles from Craig, AK and they are both located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island, which is the southern-most island in Alaska. Klawock is an easy 2.5 hour flight from Seattle, Washington on Alaska Airlines via Ketchikan.

The hunting opportunities for giant Black Bear and Sitka Blacktail Deer on Prince of Wales are THE BEST in Alaska for a variety of reasons. The lack of hunting pressure, the remoteness of the area, the prime habitat, the excellent genetics and our expertise of putting you on a trophy bear all combine to make this the best black bear hunting in the world. The bears on Prince of Wales were recently reclassified by Safari Club International as Coastal/Island Black Bear due to their massive size. There are more record book black bear entries from here than the rest of North America. Prince of Wales Island regularly produces monster bruins that weigh over 350 pounds, square out between 7' and 8' and have skulls that score between 19 1/2" and 22". We consistently guide hunters to bears that are BIG and OLD while doing it with expertise and great attitudes.

Prince of Wales Island is 135 miles long, 45 miles wide, is bigger than Delaware, is the 3rd largest island in the USA behind Hawaii & Kodiak. Prince of Wales Island does NOT have brown/grizzly bears. Its large size combined with a temperate climate and abundant food make this the optimal black bear habitat. This coastal island is covered with a dense spruce, hemlock and cedar forest and has miles of rocky shoreline, numerous bays, tidal flats and rivers. Two other big game animals reside on the island; Sitka Blacktail Deer and Wolves. Prince of Wales is just 668 miles north of Seattle and its mild climate causes the bears to come out earlier than most areas. The first bear sighting is usually around April 10th and many more in the following days, until May 10th, when most bears are out of their dens. Hunting with 26 year veteran Alaskan hunting guide Kurt Whitehead and Trina Nation will have you grinning from ear to ear. 
Our Spring Hunts are normally lodge based hunting trips but you do have the option to be boat based from the "Glacier" if desired. The hunting is so good in our area that we normally travel to the hunting grounds in one of our fast boats (Treasure Hunter/Trinity) then return to our spectacular water front lodge for a delicious meal, hot shower and a comfortable queen sized bed. Southeast Alaska has long days and good weather in the Spring so our hunts are very productive for targeting a Giant Coastal Black Bear during the Spring Rut. We have an extensive track record of guiding our hunters to Trophy Coastal Black Bears. We are excellent judges of bears and normally won't let you shoot unless it is a mature SCI record book male. The spring hunts are physically easy since we spend most of our time on the boats glassing the beaches. The bear hunting is excellent! Catching and eating your own fresh seafood while enjoying the amazing and ever changing scenery that a boat based hunt offers is a unique, enjoyable, productive and fun way to hunt these Monster Coastal Black Bears. Our Fall Hunts can either be lodge based, boat based and/or tent based depending on the weather, hunting opportunity and circumstances. This hunt is ideal for adventure seekers, bear enthusiasts and bow hunters. The rivers are teeming with salmon and consequently they are full of hungry bears. This hunt is a favorite due to the ADVENTURE and the CLOSE UP BEAR ENCOUNTERS! This hunt is NOT for the faint of heart! These MONSTER bears are cagey and not rut crazed like they are during the spring, so harvesting them requires a bit more skill and dedication. Camping in a tent is a real possibility in the fall but we also have several creeks where this is not necessary. Multiple bear sightings a day is the norm but sweat is usually involved as we negotiate the slippery creeks of Southeast AK.

If you like ADVENTURE and don't mind BIG BEARS at the end of your muzzle then this hunt is it!