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Kurt Whitehead USCG Captain
Master Alaskan Hunting Guide and Outfitter Phone 907.738.5000
Email Kurt! Trina Nation USCG Captain & Hunting Guide
Licensed Assistant Guide
Beachcombing specialist
Phone 907.738.5000
Mailing address:
PO Box 388 Klawock, AK 99925
Treasure Hunter Lodge

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with Treasure Hunter Lodge

Our number one goal is to provide a safe, ethical, fun adventure and send you home with memories of a lifetime.....and blood on your hands. The area we hunt is very remote and hard to access so the bears can get old and huge, thereby giving you the chance to harvest a record book, monster black bear.

We are experts at what we do and are extremely passionate about doing our jobs well.

  • Our boats are immaculately maintained and extremely SAFE!
  • Prince of Wales is the best LOCATION and has the best GENETICS for record book Coastal Black Bears!
  • There are NO brown/grizzly bears on Prince of Wales Island. You wont’ get mauled!
  • You will be warm, dry and comfortable every night!
  • We field judge the bears with great accuracy. We produce results!
  • We are expert guides! We have guided many successful rifle, bow and pistol hunters all over Alaska!
  • We do a great job of caring for your hides; i.e. turning the ears/lips/nose/fleshing and salting!
  • We provide an excellent guided hunt with a very high success rate for record book Coastal Black Bears!
  • We have an extensive track record! Our only job has been guiding hunters and anglers since 1995!
  • Kurt has been guiding bear hunters in Alaska since 1996; guiding black bear hunters since 2000; outfitting since 2001; conducting hunts on Prince of Wales Island since 2006 and been a master guide since 2014.
  • Trina has been an assistant guide since 2009 and is GREAT at everything she does!
  • We have an amazing waterfront lodge for you to enjoy while on your hunt of a lifetime!
  • We are excellent hosts/cooks! You won’t be disappointed!
  • We are both members of the Alaska Professional Hunters Association and are involved in our industry!
  • We offer 6 and 7 day fully guided hunts and specialize in hunting Giant Coastal Black Bears!
  • You will be served some of the freshest and best seafood in Alaska. You won’t lose weight!
  • We are excellent photographers and videographers so your hunting memories will be preserved.
  • You’ll see lots of wildlife on the trip including whales, sea otters, seals, sea lions, deer, mink, river otters, bald eagles and countless bird species. Bring several cameras!
  • We start hunting about 30 minutes after leaving the dock and we hunt smart!
  • Bumping into another bear hunter in our area is very unlikely. Prince of Wales is Big Bear hunting mecca!
  • Klawock is only a 3 hour plane ride from Seattle. There’s no need to fly any further!
  • The hunting area is protected from the ocean swell by many islands so seasickness is rarely an issue.
  • We will make you laugh and you’ll have FUN on your adventure!

Hunt in comfort, safety and style while having a great time!

Hunt a Giant Coastal Black Bear with Treasure Hunter Lodge!